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“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

– Jane Goodall

The people below support Water Cities’ mission through their shared vision of the change needed and their complementary skillsets.

Corinne Trommsdorff

Corinne Trommsdorff ·

CEO & Founder Water Cities and urban synergies

My Main Skills:

  • Integrating water in cities
  • In-depth knowledge of urban water systems
  • Water and climate change as cornerstone of the proposed methodologies and solutions: adaptation of water systems to an uncertain future ; mitigation – reduction of Green House Gas emissions – through water systems.
  • Knowledge exchange between cities worldwide.

What’s my dream ?

That cities transition to being “Nature Cities”, cities that contribute to a healthy wider ecosystem rather than only extract resources from it. Water is an essential component of this transition.

Katharine Cross

Katharine Cross ·

Senior Advisor

My Main Skills:

  • Connecting cities and urban stakeholders with their watersheds, including the integration of nature based solutions
  • Experience in water resource governance and management from global to local scale
  • Building climate resilience through understanding, analysis and application of data and information in decision making
  • Convening and facilitating stakeholders across and beyond the water sector to develop solutions for better water management

What’s my dream ?

That urban stakeholders play an active role in their watersheds, reconnecting them with their water sources while conserving the ecosystems that we need for better environmental and human health.

Carine André

Carine André ·

Expert in people development during transitions

My Main Skills:

  • Managing change and resistance
  • Co-development of optimal operation by building on the intrinsic motivations of individuals and teams
  • Positive communication, assertive posture, positive leadership
  • Collective intelligence
  • Analysis of professional practice

What’s my dream ?

That individuals fulfill their potential and contribute, through their role, to the success of the transitions needed for our planet.